​Blessed, Broken and Served

I’m Blessed, Broken and Served! And its never a one time thing, this is my life now! ?

Since I discovered this secret to be an awesome multiplying factor, it has been a constant weapon of usage in my arsenal. I just yearn and crave more of these three (3) steps to keep reoccurring in my life.
– To be Blessed
– To be Broken
– To be Served
I’ve come to the realization that whenever and whatever God Bless, Break and Serve multiplies. The first time I realized this, it got dawn on me on my way home from work one evening and subconsciously, I silently prayed it out that God should Bless, Break and Serve Me! My life hasn’t been the same ever since that 2 mins short request and that’s why I can confidently share the secret. The word works.
I don’t struggle to be a blessing to people and there is always more to go around and left over for the yet to come demands. Resources stopped being the problem and I’m done worrying about what is to be because I’m sure I’ll get even much more than I can ever ask or need, plus, I have the enablement to be a blessing with excess left over! ?
Scriptural reference;
Matthew 14:17-21, Mark 6:38-44, Luke 9:13-17, John 6:9-14, Matthew 15:34-39, Mark 8:5-10.
Much Love,
Oluwafunmibi Fayemi

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