​Though It Cost Much; Get Wisdom ii

Hi guys, in my last post, I started a talk on wisdom and the types we have, so , I’ll continue by sharing two ways by which I know wisdom can be acquired.
* The first and foremost way to get wisdom is to Meditate on what God’s Word says concerning your area of purpose, as well as other related areas. This could be achieved with this short recipe;
– Search for scriptural verses for the different areas of your life and ruminate on them.
– Affirm them.
– Repeat the process continuously.
– Be committed to doing what the scripture instructs.
Truth is your perception and your approach to life will change over time as you will start to approach problems based on how God himself would deal with the situation as you meditate on God’s word. Meditation enables you to transform God’s word to becoming a practical solution. Though it may be contrary to your preconceived ideas and feelings, the truth of God’s word is able to withstand the storms of life.
Every christian has a standing promise of the supply of Wisdom on the one condition that you ask God confidently and not waver in your expectation.
* Impartation is another way to acquire wisdom. This can be referred to as the transference of wisdom through association. Impartation from Moses to Joshua is an example. Joshua gained all his skills (Mannerisms, Command, Authority, and Military strategies – which are similar to Moses’) not because he was given any special training by Moses but because of his association with Moses.
An important factor for Impartation is the Attitude of the receiver. Such a person must consciously be positioned under a tutor or mentor, with the expectation to receive the impartation. Wisdom by impartation can be attained through books and other media materials by people who have been successful in their fields.
Commit yourself to getting wisdom through the word of God and Humbly associate yourself with people who have gone ahead of you in life.
Much Love,
Oluwafunmibi Fayemi

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