@ 22

Hi guys, I had my birthday last week and like I promised last year to see you at 22, here I am. I wrote 21 lessons @ 21 and now at 22, I’ve got 1(one) more lesson to add. I’ve learnt a lot within this one year and amongst these lessons, I’ve chosen one I believe I need to address.
Trust me, it took a while before I got to know the difference between letting go and forgetting. You let go when you forgive but you can never be totally healed except you forget. Truth be told, I’m still a work in progress too but I believe I’ll get there *almost there*. Its in human nature to remember hurts done to us. Have you ever wonder why its easy to always remember the one bad thing someone did to you more often than the other good things the person did?! I think its just human nature. But in this lesson, I’ll talk on how to forget and attract the good things we want to experience or see in our lives. Its a principle I’ve started enjoying and you should too.

To begin with, you have to stop hating yourself! *yeah! I just said that* Stop living like a victim! Seeking for solace in sympathy doesn’t help, it only cage you in your past. You need to disallow the devil from stealing your future from you through your past by learning to Isolate your past *a great step I’ve started taking too*. Just like me, you’ve got to learn not to judge the people you meet now or happenings now by your past experience(s). Love yourself. Love God. Accept God’s love. Allow God’s perfect love to heal your scars. Surrender your care into his hands. Hold on to his words & promises. Confess and live it out.
That’s the best prescription!
Much Love,
Oluwafunmibi Fayemi

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