22 books (February)

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Hi guys, I should have post this since yesterday but just like the birthday post, it didn’t post and now I have to type everything all over cos the one I typed wipe off.
This is in continuance with the 22 books I promised to read and I tried this time with five books *you’re like how is what she reads my business* well I’m accountable to you cos it helps me stay accountable to myself especially if you need extra efforts to do some things that don’t really fit in to your other activities- resolutions really need commitment.
I have 5 books down the line for Feb but I’ve read 4 and I’m starting March with the fifth one.
(1) Mistress of Justice: I started Feb with this Mystery novel by Jeffrey Deaver that revolves around the typical wall street law stories. Was a great read.
(2) The Secret: This book taught me more on positive thinking. Rhonda Byrne nailed it with detailed informational on the laws that govern the universe especially the law of attraction.
(3) Why You Act The Way You Do: I was told to read this book since 2012 but overlooked it cos my friends already told me what its about. Well, I’m glad I got it for myself because I learnt more about my temperance, its strengths & weakness. Tim LaHaye did a great job with this book.
(4) Live Like You Mean It: You need to read the short note that came with this book when my friend gave me. It was just the right book for the moment. Its a gift book I’ll always treasure because Kathy Troccoli the seasoned Italian-American did a great job talking about the abundanza life Christ has called us to live.
(5) The Lost Years: Though I plan to start March with this Crime book (my friend recommended & told me so) by Mary Higgins Clark. Looks like I’ll like it.
I hope to get better at it this month. Thanks for giving out time to read this.
Much Love,
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