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Hello everyone!
When I realized this morning that today is the last day in March, I was marvelled at how fast time goes cos I was suppose to submit a writeup with the deadline of today. I can’t say I did well with my reading ritual this month and I know better than to blame it on anything but to take the blame though I did my exams this month. I was only able to read three(3) books but I hope to do better in April.
(1) The Lost Years: By Mary Higgins Clark is a Crime novel I got last month but read this month. I couldn’t do any other thing till I finished the book, no wonder the writer was labelled Queen of Suspense. I wasn’t disappointed.
(2) God’s Master Plan For Your Life: It was just what I needed when I read it. Gloria Copeland explained her points in the simplest ways with applicable steps and examples coupled with powerful scriptural backings.
(3) Why A Students works for C Students… : Its been long I read the Rich Dad’s (Robert Kiyosaki) book and considering the fact that I’m in Year 5 now, I got this book for myself *its never too late*  though I’m yet to finish reading it but with how far I’ve gone, I know I’m not just gonna be an A student but my A student will create jobs for other students not work for a C student.
Thanks for the time as usual *hugs*
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