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See how much I boil with love and hate,
Great yearn to speak so loud yet can’t control the silence.
I’m torn in between laughing and crying my heart out.
It feels so right to say NO but YES is the only word forming;
Knowing I don’t want to capture a caterpillar in a jar and keep a butterfly hostage.

That feeling of being so high yet feels low,
One moment you’re crazily happy and the next moment sadness is the only thing you know.
God bless the inventor of CONCEALER & FOUNDATION
Because they’ve helped present most swollen faces look so radiant, beautiful and flawless.
Sometimes i would fly high into the air,
Only to fall down to earth in the next moment.
One time fireworks exploded in my mind,
And the next second the thunder, lightening and rain would all storm inside.
Sometimes it takes sadness to know happiness;
Noise to appreciate silence,
And absence to value presence. . .

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