The last time I posted was on the 1st of this month. Somehow, I usually just confuse the fact that “I write in my draft” with “I’ve sent it online”, so I don’t usually realized I’ve not posted until days later (these are no good excuses but it’s my truth) and I’ll take conscious effort to work on that. Another truth is that, I’ve been really busy of late, not really had time to write as often as I want because of some projects I’m working on which will run the span of this month till early october, please bear with me.

This is just a billet (informal letter) to y’all, saying you’re always on my mind and knowing I have these audience strengthens my hope and encourages me to press forward. Thanks again and again. . .
Trust y’all have been having an eventful-awesome month like me? Trust me, it can only get better.

Much Love,
Oluwafunmibi Fayemi

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