I wanna know,as a kid
Did you ever bruise your skin after a fall?
As a result of having a long run
Or you just simply got tripped by a stone?
Do you still remember how the pain felt?
It is an understatement if I say I feel the same way about my recent fall.
Though I wasn’t running nor was I tripped by a stone,
But I was tripped by the memories of you.
And I discovered I fell in love.
I tripped on the memories we’ve shared together,
I tripped on what it feels like to be in your arms, perceive your smell and shiver at the feel of your lips on my nape.
I didn’t know I was biting more than I want to chew
Here I am with bruises all over
As a result of tripping over what I want from you and yearning for the healing that goes down to the heart. . .

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