Dear 20Something in 2019,

For today’s post on Wednesday Wisdom, I’ll like to share my opinions on some habits/attitudes that I believe is not right for someone in their 20s to still portray in 2019. These opinions are subjective but I believe are relatable, I would like you to share yours or add to these in the comment section. Thanks and Happy Reading;

I hate to break it to you sweetheart but no one owes you shit anything in this life. Not even your parent or your siblings. You are solely responsible for who and what you choose to be.
Because you’re privileged to know one or two people holding some post of power doesn’t imply they owe you a job. You probably grew up having all you wanted and answered to being called a Prince or a Princess and somehow you thought you’d always have everything handed over to you (some people might get it like that). But, it is bad to still think your parents should be responsible for you financially (except when offered), not after all the years spent investing in you. It is also not an acceptable behavior clinging to your siblings and making it an obligation to get from them.

Learn how to survive on your own and appreciate the days of little beginning. Learn how to not take family for granted and how to appreciate every act of kindness. Learn how to not be bitter against anyone because they didn’t/couldn’t give or get you that job or request you made. Learn to be enough and sufficient. Learn to Grow up and take charge of your life.

Add more value to yourself. Get you a skill. Your certificate will create a platform for you to exhibit yourself but only your skill will set you apart. Getting a certificate is good, it’s like baking a cake, but getting a skill that you’re good at is the icing to the cake. Don’t be a mediocre who only knows what he/she studied within the four walls of a school, learn other things that will bring food to the table when the certificate fails. Add skills that make you a problem solver, give answers to those questions, be good at it, and watch the world fall at your feet. It is an unacceptable dangerous habit to be stuck with just your certificate in 2019.
When and How do you intend to break even?

To Be Continued. . .

Much Love,
Oluwafunmibi Fayemi

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