Exactly 2015 years ago. . .He's ALIVE!

Hallelujah! You have overcome You have overcome
Hallelujah! Jesus you have overcome the world…
Every mountain shall come down;
Every strong hold must be broken;
You wear the VICTOR’S CROWN,
     The devil has lost his grip over mankind. He lost the battle over humanity on his own ground and before all his hosts. Jesus has restored man to his lost estate. So, the next time the devil shows up at my door, I’ll boldly remind him that he has lost the battle over my life. Jesus is now MY Prince of Peace.
     Jesus has paid the price for my total freedom in life. I have been bought with a price. Therefore, I glorify God in my body and spirit. For sin, I have received righteousness. For sickness, I have good health. And for poverty, I have abundance.
       ***celebrating my KING***

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