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        7 Random Facts About Me
1) I’m strictly a MORNING PERSON
I can do just about anything no matter how tasking the job is, as long as its morning. The only time I’ll be effectively active at night is if I had a nap in the day but otherwise, I don’t joke with my nights.
2) I jealous people that can CRAM because I’m so not good at it and there are some areas in academics that all you can ever do to it is cram it.
3) I don’t know if to call myself a GADGET FREAK but I love gadgets a lot and CARS.
4) When I was small, I RATION whatever I eat between my two side cheeks i.e I ensure that the same quantity of food I ate with the right cheek will be the same with the left cheek *crazy?!* but I love it & it was fun!
5) I have passion for many things but BUSINESS is one major passion I can’t avoid to venture into.
6) I don’t get attached to people or things easily but when I’m attached to someone or something, IT’S HARD TO LET GO!
7) You can’t see me watching HORROR MOVIES, my height of movies like that is either VAMPIRES or WEREWOLVES but aside that, hell NO! cos I tend to continue my movies in dreams leading to NIGHTMARES. So HORROR MOVIES?! NO, THANKS!!

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