Poem ain’t even about AUGUST but goodbye to August too. . .

You’ve tried to fill your void with every girl;
Made me feel I’m different and special;
You led me on that you want me;
Gave me so much comfort that I put you on top.

All you did was seek for my attention and appeal to my emotions;
And I was naive enough to fall for it;
I almost walked on blades to get to you boy;
Broke down my walls to allow you.

What we had was pretty close but still not love;
I thought you needed time and space;
But, while I crave to feel you in my heart and on my mind;
She lay in your arms and on your bed.

Truth is, You never said you love me;
But you never said you don’t either;
You saw me falling for you, yet never tried to pull me back up;
You wasted my time and emotions.

Now that I think of it, falling for you was my mistake;
So, I refuse to be your fall-back-to girl;
I’m done holding on to you;
I’m gonna drink the pain away and mend my broken heart my way;
I hope she loves you as much as I do.


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