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   I know to some people when they saw the topic they remembered Whitney Houston, I can’t deny the fact that every time I hear that track “greatest love” I feel like she’s talking to me and its one of her best songs to me. Well, this writeup ain’t about W.H. nor is it a song review. . . Its about the greatest love I know.
     Okay, let me start by saying if you don’t like to read long posts at a glance you might want to just save the page to read it later but I’ll try my best to make it short and better still just finish it up cos its worth the time.
     When it comes to love, I’m blessed because I’m always shown love and I love too. I know what love is from my family, boyfriend, friends that can go to hell and come back because of me *sarcasm*, well I’ll do the same for them just that there’s no need to go to hell cos all we’ll ever need has been paid for… All I’m trying to say is I know what it means to be loved and to love. But, some people don’t have this opportunity and they wonder if their sins were more than other’s to be bestowed with such fate. Well, I’m perfectly imperfect such that all I enjoy is GRACE and sometimes these people who love us and we love do things that hurts us so much that we forget where the place of love is. So all I’m saying is there can be faults in our natural love. *I stand to be corrected*
     All religion believes there is a GOD and I respect everybody’s opinion so in case what you’re reading ain’t logical to you, but I pray you understand. According to John 3:16, “for God so love the world that he gave his only begotten son. . . ” Seriously?! some one actually did that for love??! Then that’s a great love I can’t just assume to be normal. To crown it all, this son died for my (our) sins even while we are still sinners Romans 5:8, He paid the price for everything with no respect for time; Past, Present and Future. So let’s get this straight, that we know our future sins are paid for doesn’t mean we should misuse the grace given to us but just for us to know we can always remain righteous even after we fall in our natural body if we can just confess our sins and walk in that grace. What other love could be this pure, strong and great??! He loves US. . .
     If you’re searching for the meaning of love or asking yourself if you’re shown love, just think of that most expensive sacrifice made by God just to make you his boy/girl by giving up the purest lamb. Look at everything around you that speaks of his love; the singing birds, green forest, blue sky, bright day, star filled nights, fresh breathe, rainfall, etc. When I think of all these things, i know what LOVE is and recognize THE GREATEST LOVE.
I’m just trying not to be selfish by sharing my own idea of the GREATEST LOVE! Always remember God LOVES You!

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