Well, Temitope was the third guy I’ve dated in just 2 years (I’m not so bad I guess). Before him was Bobola (Bobbi) and Jude and trust me each of them seem promising when I was with them.
     I met Bobby in an Art exhibition organized for a charity programme to sensitize people on Hepatitis-B & C. He was a passionate artist that specializes on Photography and he attaches stories to every art piece he exhibited. He was an eye candy with the ravishing look of Ghanaian renown actor Majid Michel. We became friends that day and within weeks we started dating. The relationship was like a match made from heaven. He knows, understands, respects & makes me happy.
     Nothing seems to be wrong until one Thursday morning in our 4th month of dating I was called that he’s in the hospital. I was numb to my feet when the doctor told me his genotype is SC and he’s suffering from an aseptic necrosis of his thigh bone. Whatttt??! He never told me he suffers from vaso-occlusive crises (I’ve never even seen him taking pills nor does he look like a carrier). My heart was in pain for not only is the man I love sick but our future of being together looks blurry because my genotype is AC.
That day I knew it can’t work.
Photo credit: Loverofsadness.net
     I never left his sick bed till he was discharged two days later but we both knew all we could be to each other afterwards is just friends. . .
#ToBeContinued. . .

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