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  Hi everyone! God knows I miss everyone of you in just my few days of being offline. Sometimes when you’re home you forget who you are. Okay, technically its not like I forgot who I am but I just discovered I’m always too busy all day doing this all that for someone or the whole house.
     I’ve been home for the session’s break for some days now and trust me its been a long time I felt so happy and comfortable. Nothing beats the love I feel all around; seeing my siblings and love ones, enjoying homemade foods, catching up with friends, weddings around and so on *chortles* it feels so good to be HOME. . . Reminds me of the song, “so good to me home, where I know that I belong. . .”
     My mum can be really funny because she is on the mission that I must go chubby again before going back to school, well, it might not fully look like having castles in the air because I sleep a lot these days and with my alarm off for the moment *giggles* #NoDisturbances coupled with the fact that I don’t have reasons to skip meals too so I’ve been feeding well. But practically, aside from sleeping,eating and reading, I’m always helping in getting this or that done.
I guess its HOME SWEET HOME then. I should just enjoy all I can because my break is pretty short. . .
     I can’t forget to wish everyone HAPPY NEW MONTH  & its definitely a unique month because its my BIRTHDAY MONTH! yaaaayy!!

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