Inner Beauty

     The poem you’re about to read was inspired by my pastor who’s also my friend —>> YEWANDE OGUNAJO. All these was put together just by thinking of her. . .
A lady of excellence with a peaceful soul;
Endowed with the strength and wisdom to take charge.
A beauty to reckon with and a personality to be proud of;
An African woman of grace and honour;
Highly embedded with mines of virtues.
Not only is your beauty outwards, but you have the inner beauty too.
I love to see the way she LIGHTEN UP the room with her BIG smile.
A lady with the auction of the holy one;
Highly spirited and worded;
She’s that christian chick that terrifies the roaring devil.
When I see her I see hope, faith and love.
She’s the kind of woman who gives a man a HOME;
Always having the right word for every moment;
With a big warm heart and soothing arms to run into;
And those tiny strong shoulders to LEAN on.
The woman that can SETTLE a lot on her knees by just praying;
She’s a gem of inestimable value.
A cheerful giver and a mother to all;
Who reproves you in LOVE.
Behind that beautiful calm face is
An independent Lady and ENTREPRENEUR,
Capable of doing so much at a time (MULTITASK) *smiles*.
She knows her place in God’s SUPERNATURAL ARMY,
And nothing can make her BOW OUT from the RACE.
A fashionista in every sense with MODESTY.
She knows how best to bring out the BEST in you,
And make you see the strength you never knew you have.
She’s as brave as DEBORAH; diplomatic as ESTHER;
Beautiful as JEMIMAH and favoured as MARY.
She’s a blessing to her generation;
A soul to leave footprints in the sands of time.

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