The question is do you sometimes feel like you’re @ that juncture of your life where it seems like your best ain’t just enough??! Have you ever felt like making a decision and it seems like your lifespan depends on it so you gotta think more than twice??! Or everything on your mind seems so much that it feels like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders??!
     If I’m to think of it, I guess I’ve been on these kind of roads countless times. I can remember checking results of exams I burnt everything on including candles & calories only not to be as expected yet I’m expected to read harder for the upcoming ones in a condition where I don’t have all necessary resources, no favourable atmosphere, not enough time for personal timetable cos the whole week is filled with class works, no time to take care of yourself because you’re too busy catching up with school works and everything seems to just not look like it yet I know I have no excuse or anyone to blame for any failure, I’ve got to be responsible for all I do. I guess its at this point the decision making part comes in, here you decide what you really want for yourself, whether to sink in self pity or self condemnation of not being good enough or pick yourself up to take the next challenge and prove to your problem that you can be its challenge too.
     Personally, I used to be the type that gets weighed down with fear of the unknown but the day I decided to “live my life one day at a time” I started seeing things differently. I ain’t saying you shouldn’t make plans for the future but if there’s something on your mind not allowing you to see beyond the present that makes you feel like you’re in a labyrinth cage of misery just LET IT GO. . . life is worth more than wallowing in self pity or fear of the future. Take a bold step of facing your challenges than running away from them. It always seems like its more than you can handle but the truth is you’re greater than it is, you only need to see its weak point. Your life ain’t depending on that 68B or 44E or 39F, you determine how far you wanna go in life not your result. Yes, I know you’re gonna argue you could have done better, sure you’re right but that doesn’t mark the end, why can’t you just trace your steps down the reflection of the light beaming at the end of the tunnel.
     You’re out there feeling you need to make a decision and you’re so scared you don’t wanna make mistakes, y not ask yourself what you really want for yourself or better still just get a sheet of paper, on a page write out your old choice with the advantages & disadvantages while on the other page write out your new choice with its advantages & disadvantages then look out for the decision that outweighs the other and I feel sometimes we need other people’s discretion, I grew up learning from my mum that no man is an embodiment of knowledge, she believes you learn everyday and from different people too which brought us to the idea of letting people in on whatever we’re facing. To a large extent it helps a lot when you share whatever the issue is with people around you especially your close friends or relatives. I remember a course I had issues with and I told some couple of friends I read with (Sanwo, Benedict, Ife, . . .), I was told how to read for the course and that helped a lot cos I ended up passing it excellently. I also believe in the word PRAYER, I believe when you communicate with God a lot of things can be settled and this is a tested approach that has worked so many times for so many people.
     I understand that sometimes it feels like you have the weight of the world on your shoulder which can happen a lot as a result of many things like work, school, relationship, purpose, family,personal goals and so on. I’ll admonish you take a chill pill, why not just take a break??! It won’t hurt to get yourself distracted for a while, do something you’ve always wanted to do outside the regulars, ask a friend for a massage, go grab some bites outside, if you hardly cook why not try a new recipe, if you feel your lecturers are screening your life out why not just pick an interesting novel to chill out, just do something fun and lively. You need to enjoy whatever you’re doing else you’ll always be stressed out doing it with no zeal and enthusiasm.
     Life is worth more than living it with worries or condemnation or pity or anger. How you spend your life today goes a long way to determine what it will look like in the nearest future. Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done! And prove your problems wrong that you’re stronger than it is. I always tell myself in times like this that I must remember I’m a GOLD and before you can appreciate the beauty of the GOLD it must have gone through a great hot furnace, not everything comes so easily but to a large extent you determine how easy you make things by your approach to life.
     This article is to let you know you ain’t the only one who feels that way and that you feel it makes you human and also remember you can always work it out. This is just another phase that will also roll over like the rest. Don’t give up on yourself just because of whatever you’re facing now . . . You’re bigger and greater than your problem. . .
#ToBeContinued. . .

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