Monday Motivation

While you’re out there today, grinding and securing the money bags. Never forget the fact that it all gets better when you have the right partner. If you’re better doing it alone, good for you. But, if you’re going to be with someone, be with a like-mind who is as interested in your growth as you are for him/her. Someone whose passions and dreams complement yours. Because, the truth is as they say, “Your relationships can either Make or Mar you” and if you get that part of your life wrong, it’s like a wrecking ball that brings to dust every other part of your life, hence, creating an imbalance to all you hold dear.

Will/Can you still be successful, well yes, but at what cost or what rate? Think about it.

#NotARelationshipGuru but #ADreamChaser 😉

Much Love,

Oluwafunmibi Fayemi

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2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

  1. So there was this guy I had something going on with (can’t really call it a relationship), he was vehemently against me following my passion. He would brag about how he could take care of me and not allow me stress myself.

    Fine, I like to be spoilt too (you know the baby girl kind of life😉) but I know I was created for a unique purpose and this guy wasnt going to make me fulfill it. So I spoke sense to myself and prayed to God to separate our ways. Shortly after we went separate ways he went broke…I mean broke o. Just yesterday, I was thinking what if I was with him, we would have been broke together😢 with nothing doing.

    I agree with you Funmibi about been with someone, a like-mind who is as interested in your growth as you are for him/her.

    Thanks for reaffirming those facts.

    1. I’m proud of you girl.
      Saying NO and rocking it ain’t an easy thing but you know what you want and stood by your decision, that is a power no one can take from you.
      Thank God for holy spirit. Keep blooming Sweets and you’re always welcome.

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