My Loud Silence

     This is the story of me accessing freedom for my mind.
     I used to have a deafening scream that couldn’t be heard even when the voices in my head strived to be heard and I’ll have a million and one things on my mind but won’t be able to express even the one on it. I was always so scared of outcomes that I never had the nerve to leave my comfort zone. . .
Was it trust issues I had??!
Or was just afraid of being rejected??!
Either ways, I was the only one who hears my loud silence and this I bottled up right within me for long until I learnt to pick up my pen & notepad.
Expressing myself by writing has been helpful and I get to unveil my fears and anxiety by putting it into written words which provided a great relief.
     It took a while to be bold enough to speak my mind out to someone but the day I gained that confidence I was strengthened, then, I realized everything you’ve ever wanted is just one step outside your COMFORT ZONE.
You can’t keep everything to yourself because someone somewhere out there has gone through the same before and will be glad to help you. I know you’ve got to trust your madness but really bottling so much within yourself can be self destructive and the truth is you’ll always get hurt if the loud silence in your head ain’t released cos they people will never know how you feel. . .
Just talk to someone you trust and someone more experienced and you’ll be surprised by how free your mind can be. . .

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