The way I’ve been sleeping since yesterday is alarming (at some point, I told a friend I might have been stung by tse tse fly – lol).
This is an extreme late post, since, I was meant to do this 10 days ago, but, I’ve been travelling ever since and spent most of the days busy and in places with little or no network reception.
On the 18th of this month, October, I did my POP (passing out parade) from the mandatory 1-year National Service expected of every graduate in Nigeria of 30 years old and below. It wasn’t really a ceremonial event as expected (probably the government was trying to cut cost), it was more of you showing up at the zonal office, submit your Identity card and get your certificate and you’re done within minutes, you can stay back to take pictures with your friends or not.
My NYSC experience was a life changing one. Firstly, I was an entire different person. I’ve been known to be a socially active friendly person, a typical extrovert but this one year, I kept more to myself, mostly indoor to the extent that my flatmates got worried and thought I had issues with them, it took a lot of convincing and I adjusted a little too.
Secondly, the only thing on my to-do list I didn’t get to do throughout the one year was grow chubby. I really wanted to but couldn’t because somehow, I didn’t improve in my eating habit and my other goals won’t allow that much luxury too (didn’t have time to sleep well – at some point, I was sleeping for 3 hours or less), no regrets tho (hopefully, I still can before the year runs out).
Thirdly, aside from going to my PPA (Place of Primary Assignment), Travel or Church, the only time I ever step out of my room are days I go to the cinema, so, if seeing almost all the 2018 movies an achievement too, I think I deserve a medal – lol.

To be Continued. . .

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