Officially a 500level Student!

Its all about God!

Wooh! Oooh! Guess who’s in her Finals/500level?! You just guessed right, Yeah! This Diva! Me!
Finally, after series of demanding academic obligations, I eventually did my last year4 exam yesterday. I shoulda posted this earlier but I’ve been sleeping and I guess I still need some more but I feel a lot better now.
I can’t but thank God because it has always been about him, what and where will I be without the love of my heavenly Father?! I humbly bless his holy name.
And I honestly appreciate my Mum, Siblings and Friends for the support so far. Thanks for being part of those who moulded me. I feel so blessed to have you all.
I got a gift *book* for myself yesterday “WHY ‘A’ STUDENTS WORK FOR ‘C’ STUDENTS AND ‘B’ STUDENTS WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT – ROBERT T. KIYOSAKI”. I’m sure I’ll love it.
The Award

And guess who bagged the award for the Most Social Female for my Class at our Class Dinner?! You’re so good cos you just got it, ME!
Well, I’ll be back online again and I now have more time to read my books. I’ve not read any since the beginning of this month cos of my exams though.
I really love you guys! *hugs*

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