Outsmart The Devil ii

Allow Peace in your ❤!

You cannot live your life trying to get back at someone or prove a point to someone and continue drinking poison and expecting the person to die of it.

Someone once said that to forgive a person for a suffered wrong is to release a prisoner and then realize that you were the prisoner who was released. When we walk in unforgiveness we keep ourselves in prison.
The devil can be so cunning that he’ll make you lose even when you’re on your right by allowing you to harbour bitterness towards someone. You need to know that that moment when you have hurt feelings against someone you’re also putting shackles on yourself because you’re depriving your soul the freedom it should have.
Outsmart the devil by letting go. Allow Love to flow in and through you. Say that prayer crying. Forgive and set your soul free from that labyrinth cage of bitterness.
Much Love,
Oluwafunmibi Fayemi

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