Who else can we look up to?
If not to you our heavenly father
To you we present our father’s land
A land gracefully endowed
To replenish and have the good things of life.
Dear God, even with all you’ve bestowed on this land
Some important things are still amiss,
The masses are suffering,
The land has been soiled with innocent bloods,
There ain’t peace of mind in the country,
The leaders of tomorrow has been deprived of their hopes,
And there is a lot of chaos everywhere.
To thee Lord we present our Nation
That you intervene and bring peace to our perplexed minds
We pray for good leadership
And we look up to you for the heavenly
Spirit of love, unity and harmony.
We need your divine wisdom and understanding
To communicate within ourselves,
We prithee that you reign in this Nation
Bless our land and bring everything to order.
We seek your mercy and grace.

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6 thoughts on “PRAYER

  1. That’s nice of you my dear I pray for the peace of the Lord to reign in Nigeria and also ask for his grace and mercy to see us through and for the blood he shared on the cross for the remission of our sin to do the cleanse of the abominable things that’s happening in Nigeria and give us unstoppable peace and freedom

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