Yah! Its Jan 2016 and everyone is trying to make plans for the year. People writing resolutions, noting things they want to achieve and what they want to let go. Well, I’ll admonish in my opinion to resolute to feasible and achievable goals. I’ve seen many goals not achieved over the years not because it ain’t right but mostly due to wrong timing and a bad work plan. Why write 20 far fetched goals when you can go for just 7 and it will be attainable?!
     I’ve not written anything down maybe ’cause I don’t really have much on my mind yet, at least not a year long plan. Most are till my next birthday but I’m sure I plan to be better at everything I’m good at, have a steady work plan for my relationship with God, be the same playful, crazy and optimistic ME, and enjoy God’s GRACE that is  sufficient for me since his strength is made  perfect in my weakness so I will just gladly rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. And Yes, I plan to buy 22 books before my next birthday *rolling eyes* (already created an easy plan to implement that).
Note; Ensure you’re doing what you enjoy and make the best use of what is available to you. . . This is gonna be the BEST YEAR yet!
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