Good relationships are meant to MAKE you, not MAR you!

I’ve lost track on how many times I’ve been told that I’m too principled or uptight; I need to loosen up; was even told at a point that I’m proud. . . Well, as far as I’m concern, what’s bad in a little dose of pride. All I know is I set RULES that I ensure I maintain and if I can do that then no one is allowed to defile it.

Trust me, you don’t have to be in a relationship where you are being asked what you can’t give. You don’t create rules to cage yourself. NO! You create it for your freedom.

Sex is not a tool nor the key nor evidence for the test of love. It is a covenant. Using and abusing sex cheapens the originality of God’s plan. Just because you can work around the details of right and wrong and twist God’s word to suit you doesn’t make it spiritually appropriate.
When you start to find excuses in and out of God’s word to suit your intentions, you’re a slave to your whims, to your flesh. And the worst part is feeling unclean & not worthy afterwards when you know you can actually avoid feeling that way.

Good news: You can be undefiled. When it is practiced as God intends, spirituality and sexuality both draws us closer to God. There is hope because Spiritual maturity and sexual maturity go hand-in-hand, and together they hold out the promise of redemption and restoration needed by everyone who has been damaged by sexual sin.
When its all said and done, we all know what we are doing wrong but the most common challenge is how to do it right. You only need to make a conscious effort, pray, read books(including bible), stop whatever pollute your soul. . . It is feasible, trust me!

Rules are good. Fences (not walls) are good.
Confines, sometimes, are safe.

Much Love,

Oluwafunmibi Fayemi

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