I stumbled on a poem I wrote for my mum 2 years ago and I’m gonna dedicate it to all great mums out there (dead or alive). . .
You’re our treasure, mentor and goddess. . .
We love you. . .
You are my backbone, my treasure;
You are such a rare gem, my treasure;
The pearl I’m lucky to have, my treasure;
Sometimes I wonder what could have become of me,
If I ain’t blessed to have a wonderful mum like you,
You lighten my path with your smiles and taught me the ways of the Lord,
You are the compass that guides me along my direction,
And you taught me the right things to do and how to do it. . .
How can I thank you enough mum?
Is it for the shoulders I can always lean on?
Or the hands I can count on to help me up?
How do I say thank you for the sleepless nights?
Or for the proper upbringing and solid foundation given?
You are one in a trillion mum,
A crackerjack of mums to come across,
Radiant and perfect in all she does,
I must have been created on one of God’s happiest day,
To be so blessed to have you mum cos’ you’re my TREASURE. . .

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