Grateful πŸ™Œ

Okay, guess who is back? Yeah right, ME. Done with the herculean part of my project and the truth is my results weren’t even close to my expectations compare to my preparations and desires but close enough to be useful for what I need it for, thereby, teaching me another lesson (ain’t that part of what makes life interesting?).

Did I miss writing? Hell Yeah! Was it worth it? Yeah, because I’ve learnt a lot now about perspectives, scale of preference and sacrificing one thing for the good of another and once more, I realize how much I’m loved and my worth because I felt the love from all sides and I honestly don’t take it for granted! Everything has got to be from God, I told you he’s got me covered and I’m more convinced that truly all things work together for my good.
Thanks to y’all again for the wishes and prayers too, I feel blessed. I’m just super glad and grateful the first stage is done with, I necessarily don’t have to be off the grid for the rest.
The Grace and Mercies are renewed everyday.

Much Love,
Oluwafunmibi Fayemi

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