It all happened so fast but
I still feel the debris of my fears
Felt like I’ve lost all I believed in
Both the persons and things
I felt so empty that I wanted to scream
It was like the world was
Crumbling at my feet
I felt like I’ve lost myself
And everything seems to end
The road I’ve been on many times seems so new
I was so terrified like It was my first time
That I became really weak & fragile
Then I cried out to that inner strength
The strength that has always carried me on
This is not my first enigma period
So I can’t be crushed now
I’ve got to see the light
Beaming at the end of the tunnel
See the reasons why
I never gave up and will never give in
Believe it will work out for good at the end
And remind myself why
Which will thrive in the desert
Look beautiful even when it ain’t getting regular supply of water
And will bloom even when
Biotic and Abiotic factors (all facets of life) doesn’t encourage it. . .

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