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It seems too right yet its so wrong;
The feelings so deep when it should be shallow.
With every little bad things they do, it feels so good;
And every time it hurts it feels great.
She ain’t scared of scar anymore but look forward to it,
Cos’ really being with him is worth the remembrance;
Even if that has to do with living with the scar.
She really don’t need to ask herself when she already know;
He’s the one her heart follows . . .

They don’t know what it feels to know you’re wrong yet feels so right,
Just because you feel you’re with the right person.
They can’t understand what it means to feel your heart beat in the chest of your lover,
The way you feel around that one person.
That even when stealing is a crime,
You’ll steal every seconds of time to be with him/her.
Just that heart that beats the rythyms to your blues,
Just that person you’re convince your heart follows . . .
                       *  *  *
Well, I’ll sit on the fence to watch the turn of events.
If she really feels this way I look forward to how long she can hold on to it,
Silently rocking my chair, I wait patiently;
Hoping not to see her hurt as she follows her heart . . .

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