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    Happy Birthday Bro'

    Photo credit: My gallery I’m fortunate and I’m glad I got you for my brother; Even if I had the chance, I wouldn’t pick another. I’m happy you’re in my life; You’re my winner, come what may. Another 365 days of our lovely moments, Stupid lil fights; awesome comments. Crazy freestyles; cold arguments. Times when we were broke, Sad cries; joyful shouts. Truce; sleepless nights.

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    Year 4

    I’m so excited I’ll finish my exams tomorrow. My last paper for year 3 is by 8:00am and I feel so excited. I’m amazed by how time flies and when I remembered how and when I started I laugh at myself for how green and naive I was then. Suddenly, I wish I’m taking a 4year course so that means I’ll finish next session but my course is 5years **shrugs** what can I do??! But all the same I’m glad year 3 will soon be over because it was one hell of a session. I had classes Monday to Thursday from 9am – 6pm except on Wednesday 10am – 6pm,…

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    What a Woman wants. . .

    “A woman can need so many things, but, there is one thing I’m sure a woman wants; To be in CHARGE of her own LIFE“. – Oluwafunmibi   Moral : Well, to start with, I used my picture cos I’m a woman who loves herself and knows what she wants too. . . But then, sometimes I wonder how some men don’t seems to get it that that is all women has always wanted.

  • My Anthology,  QUOTES

    Quote; Travel

    “If you want to travel FAR and FAST, you need to travel LIGHT”.                          – Oluwafunmibi Moral: To achieve so much in life, you need to cut a lot of habits off, lay off some friendships, let go of some harsh words said to you, surround yourself with only people who believe in you, deal only with necessities because with too much junks here and there you won’t be able to get a lot of things done in time and effectively. . .