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    22 books (January)

    Photo credit: My phone Hi everyone! Hope the week was great?! I ain’t got much to say, I don’t even know if I should do the review now or later but in respect to one of the things I promised myself to do before my next birthday. I’m to get (read) 22 books before then and I have three (3) books down the line as January ends today *covers face* 1) Americanah; A novel written by Chimamanda Adichie 2) The 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership; A Business & Economics/ Leadership book by John C. Maxwell (2nd time of reading though, I used to have the soft copy) 3) The Power…

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    Behind my SMILES

    Photo credit: Shutterstock.com Behind my smiles Is a face that has been sunned by resentment And watered by tears Behind my smiles Is a broken heart that hurts And ache from depression Photo credit: Shutterstock.com Behind my smiles Is a girl that is falling apart Drowning in an ocean of sorrow with no one to rescue Look behind my smiles And you’ll see how far I’m lost Then you’ll discover I’m not the same girl you know Who says you’re not perfect?! Trust me, you’re loved and unique! Much L💕VE, Oluwafunmibi.

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    One Year and Still Counting!

    Photo credit: shutterstock.com Oh Yeah! Guess who is officially celebrating the one year anniversary of her blog?! Of course you guessed right! This diva! I want to say โ€œThank You” to every one of you; for every word you humbly read, every comment you honestly typed, every post you liked and willingly shared. I feel so blessed to have you as a part of Oluwafunmibifayemi and for a wonderful 1st year as a blogger. Photo credit: shutterstock.com And I’ve got great news too, I’ve started working on my first novel. Aye! Lips still sealed on the content but I’m so excited. And finally, I’m sorry for struggling with the word…

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    Confession on PURPOSE

    I am a man/woman of purpose created in God’s image to fulfill a unique destiny. I am fearfully, marvelously and wonderfully made. Therefore, I celebrate my uniqueness. I have a revelation of my divine purpose. My gifts find adequate expression in life and they open great doors for me before great men. Every gift of God within me is constantly stirred up to release my destiny. I am sensitive to the plan and counsel of God. I am strategically positioned in life for great success. I excel by the grace of God in all good things. God predestined, justified, called and glorified me before the foundation of the world. There…