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    22 Books (March)

    Hello everyone! When I realized this morning that today is the last day in March, I was marvelled at how fast time goes cos I was suppose to submit a writeup with the deadline of today. I can’t say I did well with my reading ritual this month and I know better than to blame it on anything but to take the blame though I did my exams this month. I was only able to read three(3) books but I hope to do better in April. (1) The Lost Years: By Mary Higgins Clark is a Crime novel I got last month but read this month. I couldn’t do any…

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    Remarkable Easter

    Today at first didn’t really look like one of those good days but i wouldn’t have wanted another way to spend it. After reading “God’s Master Plan – Gloria Copeland” and searching for the Father’s face in the Bible, my spirit was filled with so much Joy and fresh strength to face the future and I can’t but Thank Jesus again for that Life-Changing Sacrifice he did about 2000 years ago. I’ll always be grateful for the Supernatural lifestyle he freely gave me. Hope you enjoyed your Easter too? Happy Easter!

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    The Righteous' Melody

    I got a song in my heart A melody from the righteous Cos’ Grace has found me I’m secured in his love What else will I want? I got everything, the supernatural lifestyle His peace lives in my heart So no more fears, pains and regrets For I’m assured of an abundanza life Because where my strength fails His Grace speaks for me I’ve got a lover in my Father And he’ll stick his neck out for me anytime, anywhere My battles are his and his victories are mine I got a song in my heart A melody of mine– the righteous. Just a lil’ song formed in my heart…

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    Officially a 500level Student!

    Wooh! Oooh! Guess who’s in her Finals/500level?! You just guessed right, Yeah! This Diva! Me! Finally, after series of demanding academic obligations, I eventually did my last year4 exam yesterday. I shoulda posted this earlier but I’ve been sleeping and I guess I still need some more but I feel a lot better now. I can’t but thank God because it has always been about him, what and where will I be without the love of my heavenly Father?! I humbly bless his holy name. And I honestly appreciate my Mum, Siblings and Friends for the support so far. Thanks for being part of those who moulded me. I feel…

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    At some points in our lives, we’ve to live for our beliefs, respect and love ourselves not because of pride but for the confidence in us. The truth is the world is doing a great job seeing to it that you lose hope, making your best look so terrible and calling you names, but, you’ve got to stand up for yourself, be the master of your fate and the captain of your soul. Affirm it to yourself, see yourself doing it and never give up trying. It doesn’t hurt to be persistent. Pick yourself back up every time you hit the floor. Never give up on your dreams. Believe in…