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    Another Chance

    Just because it’s not working out as planned or envisioned does not mean you should break the baton or throw it away ?. Every new dawn is another chance to try again. Take a deep breath. Look your dream at its core. And Try Again. Pick up your baton and finish the race! You can do this! Have a great dream-fulfilling blessed week. ? Much Love, Oluwafunmibi Fayemi

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    I deserve some accolades! ?? ? Well, that’s a trending phrase from a comedy skit. But, I actually do deserve some accolades. Recently, I wrote about going through ‘Writer’s block‘ and it was one of the toughest struggles have had recently. When you’re trying so hard to do what usually seems like a second nature. You search in and out of yourself and all you see is just an empty blank space. Nothing just seems to interest you or bring out that side you thought you will always have or knew so well, blahblahblah. Read Writer’s block for more on that. Well, today is not about the ‘Writer’s block‘ cos…

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    10 Things I've Learnt from Blogging X 3 year Blogiversary

    MBW celebrating 3 years with awesome blogging lessons to learn from. Congrats on your Blogiversary dear. Cheers to more years of fulfilling purpose. Today is consistency celebration day. After trying, getting tried, but persisting nonetheless, this blog is 3 years old today! I thought it’ll be nice to put up a blogiversary post and share a few things I’ve learnt over the last three years on this blourney (blog +journey, feel me? ?) Maybe not but … 1. Enjoy the initial butterflies. When you decide to start a blog, there’s an excitement as you think of the many ideas you want to share with the world. You want to post…