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21 LESSONS @ 21

     This is a birthday tradition I got from my friend/blog mentor- AYOTOLA @ check her up for great posts.
     I had an awesome 21 birthday . I started receiving gifts days into my birthday (thanks Tendy). I got momma’s showers of blessing too. I got my cake at 6:47am (thanks Adeniyi) and loads of gifts afterwards (thanks EVERYBODY). I love my messages and amazing voices singing on VN. I spent it celebrating children’s day in church and it was a great one.
In summary, I had a great 21 birthday.
     Okay about these 21 lessons, they’re as a result of
personal experiences: triumphs and downfalls,
the good, bad and the downright ugly.
Lesson 1 :- WRITE IT DOWN
If there  is one lesson I’ve learnt over the years, it is keeping track of the happenings around me by penning them down and this has helped me gone a long way. I have the habit of reading my journal when I’m idle or less busy thereby measuring my past thoughts and actions. I discovered that Writing it down, whatever it is: reminds you, keeps you accountable, heals you
and measures your growth. I’ve learnt to write that business strategy to apply, that WORD for my life from God, that gift given to me, that advice, that thing I need to do, that place I need  to go, that thing I need to buy, that habit I need to drop and steps I need to take to get over it, etc…
Write it down. Just write it and keep it.
You will forget, I promise. The shortest
pencil is longer than the smartest
memory or so the quote goes.

A happy man is the man who does not depend or have high expectations from men cos he won’t be heart broken from disappointment (strictly my quote).
Yeah, I have friends and family members around me who cares, in fact my MUM is a great woman that combines the role of the father & mother (story for another day) and can do anything for me but sometimes fall under the spell of the human nature. In the area of trust I’ve grown to depend on God, whether things are good or not, I truly know that God is my source, my sole source. Whether it is financial, or emotional or health wise or my academics or my writing or my business, I’ve come to trust God true and through.
My resolution is to step back and let God take over even in the simplest things, like who’s going to give me a free ride from my house to school or who’s recharging my cellphone.
I’m not testing God’s ability to, I’m testing my trust in His ability – Ayotola
I can pretend and lie to everyone but
once I’m not sure about the true state of
things in my heart, then there is a
Like everyone else, I have things that gives me cold feet, I sometimes question how the future will play out but with all these questions buzzing in my head, I try my best not to deceive myself. If i need to study harder to get a better CGPA, then I’ll study harder. If I need to get out of that relationship cos it ain’t heading anywhere anymore then I need to. If I need to drop some friends and habits cos it affects me negatively then I had better drop the baggage. Full stop.
Period. Just like I’ve decided, Stop lying to yourself and do something about it too.
Lesson 4 :- LET IT GO
If you’re going to travel far and fast, you’re gonna have to travel light. – oluwafunmibi
Having a large heart to accommodate a lot of things and the ability to let it go is a great lesson I’ve come to learn in the past year. I’ve been made to feel like a scumbag by friends and harsh words have been lashed out by family members. I’ve found myself many times in the labyrinth cage of misery, I’ve tried hard at some things and lost, I’ve been disappointed many times and a lot of hot tears has been soaked in by my pillow but I now realize that life is worth more than wallowing  in self pity, worries and condemnation. I keep growing in that aspect daily, learning to sieve every word or action thrown at me, I pick the ones that edifies my soul and act like the rest never existed. I know it ain’t easy to do but it is feasible.
Your past is in the past and that is where
it should remain (that’s mine too) Why
drag the pain and hurt and upheaval into
I suddenly realize that I don’t have time. You
don’t either. There is nothing like being too
young. I started writing around age 10 and now I wish I had believe in my writing and my
stories and my voice earlier. I kind of wish I had
gone into a relationship earlier (maybe?)
I wish I had started saving earlier. I wish
I had nurtured my entrepreneurship
spirit earlier. I wish I had dropped some
friends earlier. I wish I had been
proactive about a lot of things.
21 is going to be different. I’m not going to capture a caterpillar
in a jar and keep a butterfly hostage. I’m truly living and going
for what I believe in and my dreams. No
more startup excuses, No fears, No
Everyday looks mundane and the same
and nothing changes yet when you look
back, everything has changed.
Live like you don’t have time. Because
you don’t.
The boldness and strength to break boundaries is one lesson I’ve learnt too. I believe I can do just whatever I put my mind to. I’ve learnt not to be myopic about things, I just pray for directions, seek advice, ask myself if that’s what I really want and give it my best shot. Success doesn’t come easily but the heart by which you do things counts a lot, the conviction of being able to do it encourages you and even when it doesn’t feel like achieving the goal is feasible I only remember the motive behind starting it anyway. This quote from one of ofili’s book caught me;
“[If you are reading this]… You’re alive! That
means you have infinite potential. You can do
anything. If you change the world, the world will
change.” – Neil Gaiman
Sometimes you feel you’ve reached the dead end and no more cards to play up your sleeves but trust me;
“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was
over it became a butterfly.” – Anonymous
Lesson 7 :- DO IT ANYWAY
I’ve stepped out so much in the last year. It’s
been my hardest year but also a landmark one.
And trust me, fear had a chokehold on my
I know I have this attitude of acting all is well even when I’m scared down to my bone marrow. Yes! I have fears like everyone; I have AGORAPHOBIA yet I stepped out to do marketing for goods; I have motion sickness but I travel regularly to buy goods for sale. I’ve just learnt to do it anyway. I fear I might never get things right the first time but I do it anyway because I realized just like Nelson Mandela that;
“The greatest glory in living lies not in never
falling, but in rising every time we fall.” – NELSON
Fear has never stopped me.
If I wait to stop being afraid, then I just might
never do it. Inhale. Do it. Exhale. Do it. Wet
sticky palms, shaky feet: do it anyway.
Deep in your heart you know just that thing you want for yourself. I don’t get blinded by what I’m expected to do or not to do, I just follow through with my heart because in the end I’ll be the one to pay for the consequences not ‛them’.
Don’t lie to yourself. You know what needs to
change. Forget whatever anybody thinks. Learn to listen to your heart. If you’re attentive enough to your heart you’ll never be misguided. Just ensure there is proper renewal of your heart regularly.
Grow some standards and adopt values, the
right kind. Be willing to stand on your ground and
learn to say NO (or YES) and rock it.
I’m a knowledge seeking freak. I’m never scared of learning and trying new things and to be candid it has helped me go a long way. When I notice I’ve not been chanced to learn new things for long I take to learning new vocabularies from the dictionary. I remember going to a friend’s house and saw her making a particular design of bead necklace and the next thing I know, I did it for two people as a wedding jewelry. I’ve done and say so many life improving things that I learnt from people or books outside my scope. I’m always inquisitive and ready to learn.
Learning builds and broaden your horizon. I’m don’t discriminate; be it religious, academics, politics, business, entertainment, whatever I can lay my hands on I LEARN.
Lesson 10 :- NO SURPRISES
I’ve practically had so much experiences that I’m not easily moved anymore. It’s not like I created a list of the worst things that can happen or worst situations to find myself but I’ve grown to accept whatever comes my way. Whether I’m happy or I’m sad I’ve chosen to be fine.
I’ve learnt to face the fact of whatever is
happening, accept it, feel it and find the way
I chose not to lose myself in whatever situation I find myself. There’s nothing new anymore and its just a moment that’ll roll over too. I just keep my head straight with No drama. No surprises.
Lesson 11 :- GET SOME TIME OFF
Life is too short for you to forget to laugh.
I am the type that assume I’m busy even when idle because I hate to waste time so I make sure I’m always having something to do every time. But despite this, I take a regular dose of chilling pill. I love thriller movies and I watch Korean movies too. I soak my feet in warm water when I walk long distances. I eat out sometimes. I play music so loud and dance like its a competition. I draw Smileys and Mickey then paste them on my walls and notes. I try new recipe here and there. I read historical romance & crime literature books. I carry kids, play with them and buy things for them. I do just about anything that makes me laugh.
I try my best not to beat myself up every time because the world is doing a great job seeing to that so I just take time off to pamper myself and watch the world experts do their part while I CHILL.
     I have decided to make this post in two parts.
This one post is long enough to create a spell So i guess I’ll just have to release the other part later in the week.
Thank You!

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