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@ 22 II

Often times, we don’t get the concept of forgiveness. As human, we’ve made it our job to judge what sin can be forgiven and what sin can’t be forgiven. We sometimes feel we don’t deserve forgiveness for some sins so even when God forgives us, we don’t see the need ’cause in our heart of hearts we feel we don’t deserve it. To embrace God’s available forgiveness, you need to truly define who God is to you and know him for who he is. He’s not just your Creator, he’s a Father. He understands you even more than you do because he once lived as human on earth. He’s always available to listen to you. . .
At a point, you’ve got to forget those things behind and press forward like Paul did… (Philippians 3:13 ) you’ve got a lot to do between what’s easy and what’s possible, you’ll need to consult your will to forget your past by subjecting your emotions to your will. No one is saying, “It will be easy”, but Jesus sure said “All things are possible”, (Mark 9:23).
In addition, you have a lot of scripture searching, praying and confessions to do so as to protect yourself from persistent Guilt, Resentment, Fear, Shame, . . . that won’t give up easily. The freedom from past is a gradual process, if you’re not rooted in God’s word and determined, you’ll feel like giving up about a million times. Prayer is very important too because it protects you and destroying every link to that past you need to forget will hinder the enemy from entering back into your life.
Finally, learn to always stay happy and positive. Be grateful for everything and in every situation. You deserve better so hold out for it, you have to train others to treat you by how you treat yourself. Learn to rock your choices, people that matter will stay by you. Always remember, the only place the past can live is in your memory. The only power it can have over you, is the power you give it.
Forgive yourself and Others; Forget your past and move on, with God you have a new slate and you’re already forgiven even before your birth, all you need to do is see and accept God for who he is and learn to enjoy all he has for you! God loves you and I think you’ll agree that’s the greatest of love…
There is no fear in love; but perfect love  casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But  he who fears has not been made perfect in love. We love Him because He first loved us.(1John 4:18 & 19)
Much Love,
Oluwafunmibi Fayemi
See you at 23! *winks*

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