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    NYSC ii

    This is a continuation of my last post. So, overall, I had a great year, probably my best yet. Spiritually, I had a great relationship with God, met friends we prayed together. I listened to more sermons, fasted and prayed more than I’ve ever done and saw results like never before. Socially, as introverted as I turned, I met really great people both in the church (CGMi) I joined, my flatmates and even fellow corpers that I’ll forever be bonded with. Financially, I was more prudent and shrewd, as little as the allowance was with no stipend from my PPA, I still saved more and I learnt more to trust…

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    The way I’ve been sleeping since yesterday is alarming (at some point, I told a friend I might have been stung by tse tse fly – lol). This is an extreme late post, since, I was meant to do this 10 days ago, but, I’ve been travelling ever since and spent most of the days busy and in places with little or no network reception. On the 18th of this month, October, I did my POP (passing out parade) from the mandatory 1-year National Service expected of every graduate in Nigeria of 30 years old and below. It wasn’t really a ceremonial event as expected (probably the government was trying…

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    This is a post from a guest blogger whose personal information is at the end of the writeup for your suggestions and contributions. Happy Reading! Homicide is the killing of a human being. This could however be lawful or unlawful. It is the unlawful specie that the Criminal Code Act (Cap C38, LFN 2004) makes an offence in S. 306 generally while the lawful one is also given the force of law in some specified sections, e.g. S. 254 of the Criminal Code Act on the execution of court sentence. In the same vein, the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended 2011) frowns at the violation…

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    Teacher's Joy

    Hi everyone! Its really been a while. I’ve been on and off and inconsistent because of my busyness. Friday marks the end of the session in the High school I taught (worked) and I couldn’t be happier with my students’ results. What more could a teacher want than the joy of seeing his/her students excel?! When I started the vacation job with the school in the beginning of the term, a boy was brought into my class who could even hardly spell his own name *parental factor cos’ he was given double promotion even when they knew he couldn’t cope*. And I’ll stay extra hours with this boy doing private…

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    This is a special post considering I have a guess blogger penning down his thoughts on the education sector. He’s a friend I really respect and a visionary leader. Enjoy his writeup and I sincerely pray, one day, our heart desires will be granted in this nation… BLEEDING EDUCATIONAL SECTOR: OUR MINISTER OF EDUCATION IS ASLEEP. It is no more a news that our educational system is under attack and the minister in charge is sleeping ferociously. If he were to be at slumber, it could have been fair. But he is not just sleeping, he is also snoring at duty.  Recently, several federal universities were on heat with vice…


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