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    Hbd Blooda

    Yesterday was my brother’s birthday 29/02 and I tried all my best to upload this post to no avail till I was frustrated to sleep. It’s a unique birthday cos he only does it once in every four years so I’ll just get my short note over with. Family by blood Friend by choice Still the dude who in the best of moments The worst of times And in the most special of days Makes me laugh till it hurts. I wish you the very best As you begin a new year! Much love, Oluwafunmibi. And I must say HAPPY NEW MONTH TO YOU ALL!

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    21 LESSONS @ 21 II

    Lesson 12 :- DON’T LET THE PRESSURE GET TO YOU Honestly, you just have to learn to be in control of situation because trust me the demands are not going to let up. People’s voices are never going to drown at your insistence. The pressure will come and you’ll feel the realness. It will come from all facets of your life. You’ll feel it in your life spiritually, academically, emotionally, financially, socially, morally, mentally, psychologically, and the toughest in your relationships. You’ll be torn in between making decisions and setting priorities right which is never done easily if you have so many people looking up to you or high expectations…

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    21 LESSONS @ 21

         This is a birthday tradition I got from my friend/blog mentor- AYOTOLA @ Ayotola.com check her up for great posts.      I had an awesome 21 birthday . I started receiving gifts days into my birthday (thanks Tendy). I got momma’s showers of blessing too. I got my cake at 6:47am (thanks Adeniyi) and loads of gifts afterwards (thanks EVERYBODY). I love my messages and amazing voices singing on VN. I spent it celebrating children’s day in church and it was a great one. In summary, I had a great 21 birthday.      Okay about these 21 lessons, they’re as a result of personal experiences: triumphs and downfalls, the…


    It's officially my birthday!!

    Photo credit: Before going to church      Okay, its my birthday and if there is just one day I’m excited about, its my birthday. I can simply call myself a birthday freak, i keep a lot of birthday dates in my memory. I don’t know why but I enjoy the feeling of growing older as much as i want to remain sweet sixteen (who doesn’t want to anyway *shrugs*), even when getting older scares me with more responsibilities and I beat myself up with facts staring at me that I could have done this and that because I don’t have time anymore or I’ve grown out of some things. Photo…


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