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    This wasn’t the dress I set out for today, not even close. You know that my favorite long #YellowDress, ehn, that one with only 2 crimes; ※ An off-shoulder that shows my slender caramelized chocolate neck and shoulder blades 💁, and ※ A well-fitted material that shows the flat tummy and curves I mostly hide under maxi clothes. . . So I took bike well dressed with no makeup on to go to church today, only for the security men at OAU gate to stop the bike that I should go back home to change my dress. WHAT! 😳 Ain’t nothing wrong with this dress but I’m too polite to…

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    Confession on Supernatural Lifestyle I am born of God and wired to live a supernatural life. I live above and beyond natural circumstances. God’s Word is my guide in life. I function in the realm of the supernatural without stress. I believe, confess, act, expect and manifest the Word. I have authority and dominion over all the powers of darkness. I am not afraid of the Devil and I am always protected because my supernatural covering is never compromised. Signs and wonders are my birthright. I am a member of a supernatural family and I am licensed to operate in the supernatural with miraculous signs following me. I embrace the…

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    Thursday Thoughts

    Hola, it’s been a while. Trust y’all have been having a great month? Earlier this month, I intimated that I’d be off the blogging grid for a while because of some projects I’m working on which I thought will be over by the end of this month, well, it has been extended to next month so I’ve got more weeks of work to do (the extra time is good for me tho – affords me more time to prepare), just that I miss writing and blogging. It’s like I barely have a life of my own for weeks now, it’s as bad as not being able to sleep well or…

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    Hello SEPTEMBER!

    Confessions on Prosperity for September I have a covenant with God through the blood of Jesus and I am conscious of it. The blood of Jesus Christ that speaks great things has connected me to the God-kind of prosperity. My soul is transformed by the Word of God, so I prosper in my body, finances and career. The life of God flows continually in my members and I am totally free from the devil’s oppression in life. I am anointed for a prosperous life. Christ has translated me from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of his Father. I walk in the light of God and the curses of…

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    Hello AUGUST,

    Confessions on Faith for AUGUST I am the righteousness of God and I live by faith. I have the God-kind of faith in my heart, so I please God in all my ways. I am free from fear, doubt and unbelief. I have received a precious faith from God. My faith is active and effective at all times. I walk in great faith because I pay much attention to the Word of God. I have a world-overcoming faith because I am born of God. Nothing is impossible with me because my trust is in the power of the Almighty God. I believe all the promises of God and the Word…


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