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    Mirror Mirror

    Muse – @__amazing_glam (IG) Though the week is almost over, the truth is I’ve been tired and overwhelmed since its 3rd day (well, we all have weeks like this). People usually just wait for holidays or weekends for self reflection, to stare back into the mirror and check themselves out (figuratively). In my opinion though, self reflection is of utmost importance during the middle of a busy week or the middle of a particular time frame, when you can take into account how far you’ve come and what needs to be changed or worked on during the remaining time. “The true purpose of self-reflection is to correct our mistaken thoughts…

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    The Positive Mindset ii

    In my previous post, I started a discussion on having a positive mindset towards situations and I gave three (3) pointers that can help on that which includes; Identification of situations, Gratitude and Meditation. This post is a wrap up on the topic and I’ll briefly discuss three (3) other pointers. 4. Detoxify often: Some people will literally not be able to afford some airlines because of the baggage they pack along (sarcasm), please learn to travel light. It is unfair on the future if you drag along toxins from your past into it. All those things that you think about too much but still won’t change, drop them. Cut…

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    The Positive Mindset

    One of the most popular or familiar concepts is “The Power of Positive Thinking”, and sometimes it can feel a little clichĂ©. But, being an optimist can be hard for some people and sometimes you just don’t know where to start with being positive. Personally, I’m a pollyannish optimist by nature who sometimes need courage to even get through some days, so, I’m not going to make it sound like it’s always easy to maintain an attitude of positive thinking. Below are some pointers which you may find useful; Identify : First you really need to identify why you have a negative mindset about any situation? What thoughts do you…

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    Monday Motivation

    Muse – Nse Ikpe-Etim This is to everyone looking for a sign: YOU ARE ENOUGH. Life may indeed be tough, but, so are you. Sweetheart, you are a Fighter. Every worth is deep in your lungs, in every air you breathe in. Quit looking for love outside of your body. You are strong. You are smart. You are wise. Your palm is where earth lives, you have the compass right there in you to navigate your world. Trust your mind more, because it is a constellation of ideas and liberation. Be your own saviour and out-work your demons. You are godlike. Rise. Soar. Ascend. And outlive your fears. Much Love,…

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    Dear 20Something in 2019, ii

    Hey guys, in my previous post, I discussed two of some habits/attitudes that I believe is not right for someone in their 20s to still portray in 2019 which are SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT and DEPENDENCY ON CERTIFICATE, I also disclosed that the opinions are subjective to me. Here are the three other ones, kindly share what you think in the comment section; 3. WORK IT Who doesn’t want an easy quick way to results? But, this is your 20s when you should be learning and unlearning a lot of things. It’s the stage of working and paying dues for a secured better future. In a bid to fast-track success, young…


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