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    You’ve tried to fill your void with every girl; Made me feel I’m different and special; You led me on that you want me; Gave me so much comfort that I put you on top. All you did was seek for my attention and appeal to my emotions; And I was naive enough to fall for it; I almost walked on blades to get to you boy; Broke down my walls to allow you. What we had was pretty close but still not love; I thought you needed time and space; But, while I crave to feel you in my heart and on my mind; She lay in your arms…

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    My Reality

    Couldn’t help the long break from coming online. The session is almost coming to an end and there’s been so much reports and assignments to submit, in fact the past 10 days have been hectic. But for the assurance I have in him that my path shall keep getting brighter & brighter until the day of perfection and I know that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the Glory which shall be revealed in me! I’m assured all will be well.

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    Photo credit: shutterstock.com Love should be enough *I guess* And I’m sure I gave that guilelessly Whether I’ve always been right or wrong I gotta drop from this train Heading towards my delusional end I’ll bury the feelings deep under my thick skin Covered with the perfection of my makeover Beautify by that shallow smile That brings to reminder how I loved you to faults. I.G & Twitter; @phunmiborn

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    My qualifications and strength has nothing to do with where God wants to take me to. . . Grace worked and bought it all!                                  – Oluwafunmibi #Rest #GraceUnveiled #Peace #God’sGrace #GraceLifestyle #GraceCulture Have a great week! Much love, Oluwafunmibi I.G & Twitter; @phunmiborn


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