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    ​Though It Cost Much; Get Wisdom ii

    Hi guys, in my last post, I started a talk on wisdom and the types we have, so , I’ll continue by sharing two ways by which I know wisdom can be acquired. * The first and foremost way to get wisdom is to Meditate on what God’s Word says concerning your area of purpose, as well as other related areas. This could be achieved with this short recipe; – Search for scriptural verses for the different areas of your life and ruminate on them. – Affirm them. – Repeat the process continuously. – Be committed to doing what the scripture instructs. Truth is your perception and your approach to…

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    ​Though It Cost Much; Get Wisdom

    “I never approach any problem on common sense, because common sense will only yield common results.”                                 – David Oyedepo According to the Dictionary, Wisdom is the ability to apply relevant knowledge in an insightful way, especially to different situations from that in which the knowledge was gained, or, the ability to make a decision based on the combination of knowledge, experience, and intuitive understanding. Wisdom can therefore be said to be the acquisition and intelligible application of knowledge acquired in order to generate results. Overtime, two types of wisdom has been discovered which are…

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    Outsmart The Devil ii

    You cannot live your life trying to get back at someone or prove a point to someone and continue drinking poison and expecting the person to die of it. Someone once said that to forgive a person for a suffered wrong is to release a prisoner and then realize that you were the prisoner who was released. When we walk in unforgiveness we keep ourselves in prison. The devil can be so cunning that he’ll make you lose even when you’re on your right by allowing you to harbour bitterness towards someone. You need to know that that moment when you have hurt feelings against someone you’re also putting shackles on…

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    Outsmart The Devil

    All my life, the hardest prayer I have ever prayed is the prayer of Forgiveness (not for myself but for someone). When one beautiful sunday morning, my pastor said we should pray for anyone who has ever wronged us and let go, I was amused because in my mind I didn’t see the need or thought I was pained, so for some seconds I didn’t even know what to say or who to pray for until suddenly there was an outburst of emotions and I figured there’s this one person in a bid not to feel pain, I’ve suppressed his memories from my life. Opening my mouth to let go…

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    Meditation v

    Daily meditation puts you in charge of your life because your concept of reality won’t be dictated by the challenges you face in life but by what the word of God says about you. By chewing and meditating on what his word says, we have a better concept on how our lives are meant to be and how easy it can be achievable if only we can surrender our will to him and allow his plans and ways which are always better than ours. Extra text; Psalm 1:1-3 Much Love, Oluwafunmibi Fayemi


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