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    Dear 20Something in 2019, ii

    Hey guys, in my previous post, I discussed two of some habits/attitudes that I believe is not right for someone in their 20s to still portray in 2019 which are SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT and DEPENDENCY ON CERTIFICATE, I also disclosed that the opinions are subjective to me. Here are the three other ones, kindly share what you think in the comment section; 3. WORK IT Who doesn’t want an easy quick way to results? But, this is your 20s when you should be learning and unlearning a lot of things. It’s the stage of working and paying dues for a secured better future. In a bid to fast-track success, young…

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    Dear 20Something in 2019,

    For today’s post on Wednesday Wisdom, I’ll like to share my opinions on some habits/attitudes that I believe is not right for someone in their 20s to still portray in 2019. These opinions are subjective but I believe are relatable, I would like you to share yours or add to these in the comment section. Thanks and Happy Reading; 1. SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT I hate to break it to you sweetheart but no one owes you shit anything in this life. Not even your parent or your siblings. You are solely responsible for who and what you choose to be. Because you’re privileged to know one or two people holding…

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    Wednesday Wisdom

    Okay, pause right there. That doesn’t just apply to the #queens, even the #kings should check themselves. There ain’t no competition nor is there really a jobless somebody taking a role call. Everybody is just living in their time, creating their own magic and the least you can do as a friend/same color/same sex or at least as a fellow human is help people shine too. No need dimming others’ light for your own glow or impeding their growth because it threatens yours or challenge you (which should be a good thing if you see the positive sides of things). It ain’t no fun if the hommies can’t have some,…

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    Wednesday Wisdom – NOT A REGULAR FEMINIST

    Everyone is fighting for the girl child, creating NGOs for that cause. Don’t get me wrong, I’m equally passionate about it. I personally believe that empowering the girl-child and educating her will liberate her from the ignorance that makes her victims of abuse, child-parenting (early marriage), sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies and so on. But, we often forget that male and female created Him them and somehow, we’ve forgotten that the girl-child we’re striving for is one half of the society. To truly get it right, both parties need to be nurtured right. Empowering the girls won’t be enough if the boys remain uneducated and we’ll only end up raising…

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    Okay, guess who is back? Yeah right, ME. Done with the herculean part of my project and the truth is my results weren’t even close to my expectations compare to my preparations and desires but close enough to be useful for what I need it for, thereby, teaching me another lesson (ain’t that part of what makes life interesting?). Did I miss writing? Hell Yeah! Was it worth it? Yeah, because I’ve learnt a lot now about perspectives, scale of preference and sacrificing one thing for the good of another and once more, I realize how much I’m loved and my worth because I felt the love from all sides…


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