• Valentine

    Happy Valentine's Day

    Love is the reason for the season, show someone love. You know that one person that needs what you have surplus of, show some love by giving, help someone who can’t even repay your kindness, express your love nature in the most ideal and healthy way. The true essence of Valentine ain’t just for people you’re in love with but for people who need or desire to be loved. Put a smile on someone’s face and don’t let it stop when today is over, make expression of love a lifestyle because love is your nature. Finally, love yourself too because the truth is you can’t give what you don’t have.…

  • Valentine

    Happy Valentine

    Happy Valentine to all my readers, co-bloggers, family, friends, boo, whatsapp contacts, bbm contacts, and every other persons. Thanks so much and I wish everyone a great time today with an everlasting love to last a lifetime. . . #ILoveYouAll!!        Special shout out to my friend and course mate on his birthday with his twin sister. Happy Birthday Vicky!! Long life and prosperity! I pray God bless your new age!! #Cheers! To happiness!!

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        Hello guys, its another valentine season again and my heart has been heavy on sharing some things with ourselves.      LOVE. . . that’s a huge word you know? Its the wheel behind the journey of life. At some point you’ll be in love and how you felt or you’ve been made to feel goes a long way to leave footprints of the meaning of love to you. Recently, I’ve seen a lot of break ups & couples cheating on each other and I’m like where is the love they started the relationship with??! Who or what went wrong?! I rarely hear happy love stories these days which makes…