A blogger friend VOB started a 31-day gratitude challenge on her blog and today is the 6th day, so this post is going to be me joining in on the challenge.
2018 is almost over and I must say it’s given me one great roller-coaster ride. I was tested in all ways; my strength, faith, love, trust, . . . I stretched out my limits, fell and rose up (in some situations, I couldn’t even look up), bruised and healed (and the ones that refused to heal up, I repressed), lost and grieved (I miss you Grandma), . . .
Yet, still the year I’ve had my biggest growth, even with the uneven tides and avalanched emotions with test of faith plus strength, it’s still the year I got to do about 95% of all I set out to do in the year. The year I made some amazing decisions that will help in #MyBecoming. The year I met some amazing people whose impact will always be treasured. The year I birthed some ideas and expanded my dreams which makes my future more alluring to me such that my fear of the future becomes negligible.
I’ve never been more excited about being in my 20s like I am this year with less worries and more faith coupled with more work and I don’t know how many young people are excited about their 60s but the thoughts of my 40s and 60s gives me an overwhelming Joy and a saturating Peace.
I’ve learned and unlearned so much this year that I can only imagine how great subsequent years will be.
I’ve got one word for 2019 – #SheReady. I’m ready for all the Blessings and Lessons it has for me and the next growth level prepared for me. To metamorphize into all you’re meant to be sure takes a lot but,

“Just when the caterpillar thought it was over, it became a butterfly”. – Anonymous

So, yeah 2019, #BringItOn, I’ll thrive in you too. But, until then, I’m super grateful for 2018 and I feel blessed by it. Like my friend does, I’ll end the post with 2 songs;

Lovin’ Me – Jonathan McReynolds

. . .Though I know I don’t have everything that it takes; you keep lovin’ me (lovin’ me)
And regardless of every mistake that I make, you keep (lovin’ me)
And it probably don’t matter what I do or say, you keep (lovin’ me)
And even with the pimples on my face, you keep (lovin’ me)
So you just keep lovin’ me
Lord I thank you for lovin’ me (lovin’ me)
Lord I thank you for lovin’ me (lovin’ me)

Jehovah Knows – Lionel Peterson
I will worship the Lord, For He is worthy; I will lay down my sword,
The Prince Of Peace is His name. King of the flood, The Lord is mighty; The Lord can quench the evil flame.
Peace when trouble blows,
Jehovah sees, Jehovah knows;
He is my peace, when sorrow nears,
Jehovah sees, Jehovah hears. . .

Much Love,
Oluwafunmibi Fayemi


  1. Trully true 2018 has been all u said even for me…I am really grateful
    Thanks dear, we even became closer this year, that was a big plus …love u…keep d fire burning

  2. Awwwww, isn’t God just awesome? Thank you so much for joining in the gratitude challenge sweety. Songs of gratitude will never be far from our mouth in Jesus name.

    I celebrate you😙😙😙

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