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     It was pretty hard on me getting over Bobbi considering the fact that we didn’t have a fight to breakup, it was just a mutual agreement as a result of our health status.
     I’ve been a casual friend with Jude for close to 2 years because we work out at the same gym on Saturdays and he’s seen Bobbi pick me up a couple of times.
     Jude is from Edo, a Physiotherapist, plays guitar, very charismatic, an epitome of a gentle man and after we started dating, i found out to be a great cook too. After the break up with Bobbi I took to spending more time at the gym to whirl away time and somehow became close to Jude. We could talk for hours and will never get bored. It was like he knows just how best to get me out of my shell. And I receive free sessions of body massage from him. He knows just the right place to exact pressure and where to mildly touch.
     After about 5 months of being single again and just friends with Jude, he asked me on a date which ended up with a terrific kiss. The long drive to my house was made in silence but trust me, it’s a silence that connected us in much ways than words could.
After that night he became to me as important as the air I breathe. Genotype was not an issue because he’s AA. Sorry I didn’t tell you (He has the tradition of travelling to his hometown every 2 months) and when I asked why, he said its for his extended family meeting (He’s the only son for his parent). Considering the fact that the relationship is still young, I didn’t disturb to follow him to meet his family *why the rush?*
     The 7th week into the relationship coincided with his next time to travel for his family meeting. I even went shopping and sent gifts home for everyone there. He called me when he got there but that was all, he didn’t pick my calls afterwards nor call back throughout the next day so I sent a text saying,“ I guess you’re busy with family matters, I love you & take care. Call me when free!”. I couldn’t believe my eyes hours later when I received a picture on my phone showing my Jude carrying a male replica child of his image and a pretty young lady who I should be about 8years older than heavy with a ripe pregnancy leaning on Jude’s shoulder and everyone is all smiling. I didn’t need to be told that is Jude’s son or his wife *its obvious*.
I was mad at myself for being a victim. I wished I could waste bullets in his brain and chest. I cried my heart out till day break and couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror because of shame. I didn’t call him nor pick his calls later on.
     Monday evening when he showed at my doorstep, I was mad but deserved an explanation then he told me his wife saw the message I sent so out of fury she sent me their family picture. That was the last I saw of Jude because I never even went to that gym again.
#ToBeContinued. . .

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