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     After my experience with Jude I’ve decided to stay single for as long as God wants because I’m not ready to go through heart breaks anymore. I’m fine with JUST ME and my career is growing cos’ I work on contract with some private companies so YES! I’m doing great with no problem from a man.
     For good ten (10) months, I was so much in love with myself. It wasn’t like men ain’t coming around but I just chose to decline all advances simply because I don’t want to be any man’s victim anymore. I enjoyed attending to my hot rocking body; daily exercise (including 50 sit ups) & eating good food.
     Well, on the evening of the End of the year’s party, I had the option of going to the cinema to see “Spy” because its an action movie and I love Melissa McCarthy but I was compelled to be at the Evening’s event because its also part of the job (I’m not the partying type). I met many people at the party, mostly the staffs that works for the Telecommunications company. Amongst these people was Temitope, I mean Engr. Temitope. He’s a Civil Engineer. It was amazing at the end of the evening when I felt like I’ve known him all my life. We exchanged contacts and became pretty close. He professes his love every opportunity he has, he provides for me even without asking & would do anything to protect me. He gave me reasons to love again.
     Well, I operate on the Ninety-Day Rule (no cookie) until I’m sure he’s worth it & I’m ready, the amazing thing was he didn’t pressurize me for sex.
We’ve always had great times together until three (3) days ago I went to his place after work (the day was hectic), I was extremely tired with a splitting headache. He wasn’t back from work and I needed to take a pill for relief. I searched through every cabinet and drawer in the kitchen and bedroom but all effort to get aspirin was futile so i thought of checking the bathroom and there sitting in the cabinet was aspirin and many other drugs. I took the aspirin but out of curiosity (and experience with bobbi) I decided to check the pills he takes.
     I can’t believe Tope receives an anti-retroviral therapy (ART) that I wasn’t aware of, among the drugs in the cabinet sits a combination of HIV medicines (HIV regimen) which he has never mentioned. When was he planning to tell me??! After I’ve  been infected??!
I couldn’t control the rage and tears. He came back from work to see me sobbing and I held his drugs in hand. He knew instantly that I’m aware of his status. He broke down begging and he confessed he intended to spread the disease (as revenge) since he got it from his ex-girlfriend but he fell in love with me and didn’t know what to do.
“You could have told me”, I screamed at him. “How can I believe you weren’t waiting for the perfect time to ruin my life?”, I asked. “You are the worst of them all and I hate you so much I hope you rot in hell“, then I stormed out of his house.
     He called to meet me in our favorite restaurant today (3 days later) where he asked that I forgive him. Well, I can do that but its hard to forget because its hard knowing the man I thought loves me was actually on a revenge mission.

Welcome to my lifestyle blog. I am a graduate of Agricultural Extension, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun state, Nigeria. I love to pen down words based on my own unique personal experiences and I'm always ready to acquire more knowledge. I'm working towards being a voice to reckon with as regards hope and literature. I love to be of humanitarian services and Motivate people. I'm a Christian depending on God's grace and strength to make an impact in the lives of people.


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