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Lagos Trip

My best makeup look yet. One of the perks I received on my trip.

7 days after, I feel I can finally write about my trip to Lagos. Traveling has been one thing I usually need serious mental preparation for and this was no exception considering it’s Lagos (I fear the hustling-bustling syndrome of Lagos), I’m used to my serene lifestyle in Ile-Ife and Ibadan (covers face – lol).
So I set out for my long break with a start in Lagos from Benin on Monday, pity I picked the wrong day because it rained throughout. After spending about 6 hrs on road, stuck in a crazy traffic that everyone had to alight and walk the rest to the park, my friend told me to take bike to my next stop because of traffic and then the rain became more profuse. True tho, the traffic ahead was crazier. But, I’ve never been more scared for my life on that bike. Heavy rain. Large water-filled potholes. Risky shortcuts. Blurry Vision. Incoming Trailers. Incoming Cars. Incoming Bikes. Slippery swampy road. At some point I made the bikeman stop for I was scared but we continued when the rain refused to reduce and we were wet already. Was on bike for over 30 minutes under the rain till I got to my next stop. The plan was for me to take the picture of my drenched self once I get home for my blog post but I couldn’t do that ’cause my body started itching due to the rain (my skin is for my butty version?). I almost cried but then I decided to pick one from either, “swallowing my pride” or “holding my tears” by begging a woman to let me change my wet clothes in her shop (which she told me not to, that I should allow my skin get use to the itch because she’s experienced it too).
Hello, (no pun intended) even if I was born poor, I ain’t gon’ live poor nor die poor, it’s not like I intend to be walking under the rain everyday and moreover I have an option, why suffer myself? So, I changed to another set of not-so-wet from my bag because I was seriously in pain. . .
I waited for the rain to stop before taking the last bike to my final destination and had a warm bath with hot meal.
After my first rough day, the consequent days were great. I had a lot of awesome moments with family and friends.
Spent a lot on Taxify because I was afraid I could get lost with so many stops (lol), thanks to (which makes my going out easy tho). It was towards the end of my stay that my friends told me about giditraffic – where you can get information on areas with traffic and help you plan your movements (my opinion tho- there is traffic every hour of the day, everywhere).
I usually say, “I can’t survive in Lagos“, but I think I can, it will take a lot of adjustments and maybe a little more expensive but I can. Now that I’m back home and I compare again, I give it to you LAGOSIANS, una well done o!

Much Love,
Oluwafunmibi Fayemi

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