Monday Motivation – Self Care

Muse: @ciara

CIARA recently released a new studio album – BEAUTY MARKS and this post is not about her, at least not directly, but, it is inspired by one of my favorite tracks on the album that she featured MACKLEMORE on, “I Love Myself”. You obviously can’t give what you don’t possess, you’ve got to give yourself some good loving.

One of the hacks to adulting that I’m learning on daily is “Self Care“. I found out that emotional and physical well-being depends on how much you can balance between giving and receiving which sometimes, the receiving can also come from you. Paying closer attention to your body and your emotions when it sends constant signals, alerting you on what’s good for you and what’s not working (because the body always do). Your body is configured to draw your attention to every adjustment going on in your life, like how you feel a slight migraine or restlessness due to an unresolved issue that’s causing you distress. Inconvenient as your pains are, they are your allies, signalling to you to look up and see what’s not working in your life, kindly endeavor to pay attention to these potentially important messages from your body.

Below are some Self-care practices that you can try out this week or any other day;
※ Practice Gratitude
※ Practice Positive Affirmations/Meditation
※ Read a book/Write poetry
※ Visit a spa/Wear a face mask
※ Practice Yoga/Attend a fitness class
※ Try out new cuisines/recipes
※ Declutter your closet
※ Go see a movie/An outdoor cafe (Alone or with a friend)
※ Stargaze/Walk in nature
※ Detoxify yourself/Drink water often
※ Create a positive playlist/Dance
※ Get you a good wine and reminisce on good ol’ memories
※ Create/Write out your personal Self-love quotes or Mantras
※ Visit Art galleries/Create Art
※ Buy/Try on outfits that makes you feel good about yourself
※ Exfoliate & moisture your skin
※ Create a self care habit tracker
※ Make a list of things you love about yourself

Spoil and Pamper yourself silly, always refill/refuel your love tank.

Remember, your mental and physical wellbeing is as important to and for your loved ones as it is for you. Have a blissful week!

Much Love,

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