My Glimpse Into Motherhood : Mother’s Day, 2019

Muse: MY MUM & I ❤

It’s Mother’s day and for the past one week I’ve been wrapping my head around Motherhood – partly because of my discussions with the expecting mothers around me. I wouldn’t say I have a full knowledge of what motherhood entails (I’m not even married nor ever pregnant) but, co-raising my siblings with my Mum is probably my most fulfilling role yet. Watching them on the path of becoming and blooming to be all my mum and I and the yard people (In Yoruba land, raising a child is a community project😍😂) taught them is surreal, seeing their feats gives me an overwhelming joy.

My first major glimpse into motherhood was when my mum had to travel for about 8 months and left my 5 year old sister with me (I was age 22 at the time), some already had their first kids at that age but I wasn’t prepared for what’s to come. In that short motherhood phase, I understand more on compassion, sacrifice, guidance, prioritizing (her needs automatically tops whatever list I made), her wellbeing became my goal.

I was juggling between work, studying and being a 5 year old’s caregiver.

At some point, she got ill with measles which was bad and everything I tried just didn’t work till I became sick too and my sickness left without me treating it because I was too busy worrying and staying with her at the hospital. This brief experience made me and her bond more (she’s probably my main mumu button) and gave me more perspectives on the sacrifice mothers make, plus, a peek into the behind the scene actions mothers put into the making of the great children everyone later appreciates.

This is to every woman slaying Motherhood, combining being the Financial advisor with Prayer partner, Investment banker, Confidante, Agent of birth, Mentor, Counselor/Therapist, Chief Cheerleader, . . . Though you sometimes doubt if you’re getting it right😂 or your best will ever be enough, but, y’all ROCK!😉😍


Much Love,
Oluwafunmibi Fayemi

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4 thoughts on “My Glimpse Into Motherhood : Mother’s Day, 2019

  1. Awww, the joy of motherhood. People rarely see the behind the scenes and the sacrifices our mothers make. But we see it and we really appreciate them and do not take it for granted. May they live long to eat the fruit of their labour.

    Thanks funmibi for this post😍

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