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Not A Facade

I have a friend who believes Happiness is a Facade and not real, I totally understand from his perspective because life can sometimes hurl at us situations that will make us doubt everything and question our beliefs. But contrary to his opinion, I believe in the bliss of the emotion called Happiness and that it’s an important part of the essence of living, sometimes it has to be a choice especially on days of incessant and sudden pour of life’s heavy rains for long periods of time and for numerous reasons we can’t even explain.
But today’s post ain’t about the rain or it’s causes, rather to share some tips that corroborate staying happy both on good and bad days;

1. Shine The Light On Yourself : I’m assuming you’ve heard the phrase, “Self love is not Selfish“, well you cannot serve from an empty vessel, you can only give what you have. Sometimes, you’ve got to stand under the spotlight and pay attention to your needs. Eat well (feed your body good things – No to toxic content). Exercise/work out regularly (it helps to stay fit and sharpens your mind). Rest well (sleep sufficiently), savour nature (go for hiking or whatever you enjoy). Pamper yourself (get yourself those nice things you desire) and Experience new things (try out new stuffs, dare to explore). Spend quality time with loved ones and revel in every moment.

Be your own muse!

2. Shine The Light On Others : Sometimes, what brings the good vibes is stepping out of the spotlight to let others shine, share the love you now experience. Socialize (relate with other people) and create deep connection. Find bliss in ministering to people’s needs. Give something to another person. Help someone who is in need of assistance. Explore with people and create lovely memories. Be a voice of hope to people in times of need and inspire them to do better.

Bring/Give people some happiness.

3. Psychologically Induce It : Even while it rain and your umbrella or raincoat can’t shield you, consciously choose to be happy. Probably not what you expect me to say, maybe I might have to pinch myself to this sometimes too, but it’s a choice you have to be purposeful about. Use the intrinsic motivation to elevate yourself. Express gratitude for what you have and appreciate people (count your gains not losses), give yourself some credit for trying (you deserve those accolades). Meditate regularly and detoxify your mind (Adopt mindfulness practices). Be purposeful about life (Aim for a goal and get people to understand or realize their own purpose). Smile whenever you can (even when you least have the strength too), find and appreciate humour (most of these things are not that deep when put to perspectives).

Lastly, Enjoy the Process and Grow!

I will love to get feedbacks from you in the comment section on how you managed to stay happy during the rainy times of your life. And what advice you would give others who are going through hard times?

Much Love,
Oluwafunmibi Fayemi

Welcome to my lifestyle blog. I am a graduate of Agricultural Extension, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun state, Nigeria. I love to pen down words based on my own unique personal experiences and I'm always ready to acquire more knowledge. I'm working towards being a voice to reckon with as regards hope and literature. I love to be of humanitarian services and Motivate people. I'm a Christian depending on God's grace and strength to make an impact in the lives of people.


  • Busari

    Really beautiful..
    Sometimes it can actually be difficult to find happiness, I feel regardless of what happens, you have to try to be calm.. Once there’s peace, inner calmness (which is another topic tho) with the strong hope of “it’s going to be alright ” and the trust in God, it’s just a matter of time. All is always well…bless ya

  • Victoria Oyedepo

    Number 2 nailed it for me😍. It’s something I really do and wish others can replicate. It doesn’t have to be about you always.

    I stay happy during the rainy times by counting all my blessings. I mean all of them and most importantly for the breath of life. It’s not easy I’ll say but that’s my escape to being unhappy.

    For those who are going through rough patches, I’m endearing you not to give up. Just dont throw in the towel. Go out, talk a long walk, take a long bath (it helps to refresh the soul), exercise or talk to someone you trust if you think it’s getting out of hand.

    • FunmibiFayemi

      That makes two of us. I naturally don’t like the limelight, I’m learning to adjust but doting on people gives me so much joy and that’s my escape route (lol).

      Thanks for these additional gems sweets.

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